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The Neverfailing Glory

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    23 Apr

    Here’s the promo image for Feral NYC. My new comic I am funding now through KICKSTARTER! 

    There are sooo many reasons you should get on this and help make it happen but I’ll just let the man joekeatinge tell you a thing or two…

    "Chris Pyrate is one of those new talents whose impressive work blindsides you out of nowhere from the get go and immediately keeps you wanting more. I absolutely cannot wait for Feral — and everything to follow." - Joe Keatinge (Shutter, Tech Jacket, Glory)

    Awesome, right?

    Click HERE to help make my first comic series happen!

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  3. alejandrobruzzese:

    Hey, people who love comics about what happens when wildlife reclaims abandoned cities! Have I got a treat for you…

    My boy Chris Pyrate has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the first issue of his new comic Feral NYC. This is the alternate cover I drew for it. I’ll be drawing a backup, and one of the prizes is a copy of my mini comic Leave This Bright World. I also designed the logo, but I assure you there are plenty of non-Bruzzese reasons to contribute! 

    Nowwwww… GO!

    Check out alejandrobruzzese's cover to my book Feral NYC. NOW ON KICKSTARTER BACK IT NOW FOR SOME AWESOME REWARDS!!
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  5. Notes 17

    10 Apr


    Somewhere along the way I felt the need to do more, Bartkira stuff. So, here you have a cover illustration I made to cap off my section of the project.

    For more of my #Bartkira pages, just scroll on down…

    For more Bartkira check out these blogs, bartkiraproject & bartkira

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  7. Notes 14

    3 Apr

    Bartkira Vol.1 Page 335 

    This is the last page of my run in Bartkira! T’was fun, can’t wait to see it collected.

    For more check the @bartkiraproject & @bartkira blogs

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  9. Notes 12

    2 Apr

    Bartkira Vol.1 Page 334 

    (4th page of my run)

    Tomorrow will see the final upload of my section in bartkira

    For more follow check the above mentioned, bartkira & bartkiraproject

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  11. Notes 8

    1 Apr

    Bartkira pages 332-333

    Uploading these things all week…

    For more from the Bartkira Project check out these Tumblrs @bartkiraproject & @bartkira

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  13. Notes 14

    31 Mar

     Bartkira pg.331 

    I’m gonna be uploading all of my Bartkira run this week. Here’s the first.

    For more from the Bartkira Project check out these Tumblrs bartkiraproject & bartkira

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  15. Notes 11

    27 Mar


    As we promised, new AHUMANFLY!

    Mrs. History is finally here… You can throw this in the closet next to Mr. History, or take both out for a stroll with your counterpart!

    Grab em NOW here at

    Designed by chrispyratearts

    So much t-shirt design news as of late… Check out my new Nefertiti inspired, Mrs. History design…!

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  17. Notes 8

    27 Mar


    THIRD EYE SNEAK PEEK — Third Eye Summer 2014 T-Shirts featuring the DESTROY ALL MONSTERS design by artist Chris Pyrate! 

    In anticipation of Awesome Con, Chris collaborated with Third Eye to put together this righteous shirt!

    Goes on sale 4/19 at AWESOME*CON — Limited run; only printing once, so make sure you snag your’s!

    My upcoming collab w/ thirdeyecomics releasing at this years awesomecons DC!!
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  19. Notes 12

    13 Mar

    "The End Cometh.."

    I’ve got a KICKSTARTER coming very soon peeps! #staytuned