The Neverfailing Glory

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    2 Sep

    This weekend I’ll be dishing out the art at cincy-comicon Table I-03!! I’ll also have some never before seen Feral NYC Pages!

    Stop by!

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    28 Aug

    Scan of something super collaborative and cool I have coming w/ some awesome cartoonists!

    Dig? Dig!

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    24 Aug

    "Credo Mutwa"

    Drew my favorite, real-life, shaman. Zulu, to be exact.

    I’ll clean this up more later… Hope ya dig it!

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    17 Aug

    The Thing vs Silver Surfer

    Finally coloring this OLD thing… Get it?

    Anyways, you can buy this as an original Marvel Sketch Cover of FF #1.
    Hit me up for it on message or via, best offer snatches it!

    PS: If this seems familiar it could be for 1 of 2 reasons… I drew it months ago or you’ve seen an artist try and re-purpose my approach to Thing’s hide, etc.. yeah.. BLAH

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  9. Notes 13

    5 Aug

    My “Godzilla: Highway Robbery” was recently featured in this zone… God-Zine-La. You all should check it out, lots of other cool artists in here!

    #godzilla #zine #comic #art #igdaily

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    3 Aug

    Robocop (Rough Scan)

    Gonna finish this when I get back to the states.  Got some unfinished Jungle business.. Oh & yeah… the caption continues, you, Stay Worried!

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    23 Jul

    Get worried…! #Robocop #chrispyrate #sketch #comic #illustration #90s #ink #art #graphic #artotheday #artofdrawingg

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  15. stefan1138 said: Do u have a mini issue of your Bartkira pages for sell??? Cheers

    I do! It’s in a flipbook titled, Un-fine Art that includes a bunch of scans of other artwork I’ve done too.

    You can pick it up here:

    Thx for the interest!

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  17. See what I did there? huh huh??

    Look close and see if you can spot the commonality in Goran Parlov’s panel(from Starlight issue #4) & my panel(from Bartkira)..

    Was reading Starlight and thought it was a cool little thing to point out. If you’re not reading that, GET ON IT!

    PS: You wont win anything -__-

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  19. Notes 16

    4 Jul


    The American Panther

    As I promised, the colored version of my American Panther re-design.

    If you’re wondering, this guy first appeared during the Black Panther takeover of the Daredevil: Man Without Fear arc. Created by David Liss & @francavillarts

    Reblogging because, everybody needs a patriotic superheroes(or villain) today, right? right?